In Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our shared vision of humanising energy transition was formed to remind us of the importance of energy in the lives of us all, and the role of us all in managing energy transition. As the COVID-19 pandemic reaches most corners of the world, pulling together as a community of deep expertise has never been more important - to share experiences and lessons learned, and better prepare for and shape what comes next. Our role as a credible, responsible and impartial value-adding “global voice” for whole energy system movement has never been more critical.

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Market of Ideas

This is the main incubator for the FEL-100 programme, covering a range of initiatives, events, publications and projects

The main incubator for the FEL-100 programme is the Market of Ideas.  It covers a range of initiatives, events, publications and projects. Our main goal is to deliver impact by reaching as many people as possible with tangible outputs.  

It is a dynamic programme that changes regularly to maintain interest among the talented FEL-100 community and exert influence beyond it. The Market of Ideas is broadly split into: 

  • pre-agreed projects that align with the Council’s overarching work programme 
  • ‘free ideas’ allowing individuals – or collaborating groups of FELs – to put forward projects that they are passionate about.  

As well as written studies, we increasingly look to share our work in more interactive ways – from webinars and events, to online tools, case studies and practical projects.  

“We live in a unique time where there are several drivers for change in the energy sector. Definitely the transversal wide communication through high speed mobile internet, and digitalization (where I include AI, big data analytics and cloud technology as well as blockchain) are technological drivers of change, but there are also other drivers - such as bridging the generation gap - that we see prominently in the energy sector as well as the gender balance in the sector. All these will shape the skill set of the future professionals and leaders of the energy sector, and all obviously will need to be carefully analysed.”

Nuno Silva, Chair,  Future Energy Leaders programme

Included within the Market of Ideas are number of other initiatives: 


The FEL-100 programme has completed five deep-dive studies into some of the most pressing issues facing global energy sustainability:

The FEL team also contributes to the World Energy Council’s flagship study groups, with many directly involved as either experts or observers.

“The Shades of Green report illustrates the enthusiasm of young generation to imagine and share the pathway towards a sustainable tomorrow, and most importantly their willingness to work for it. If someone is going to be able to build the sustainable energy future, it is for sure the Future Energy Leaders.”

Pirjo Jantunen, Future Energy Leader and former Chair

For more information on World Energy Council studies and other publications, please see Publications

FEL-100 Issues Monitor

The Issues Monitor is an essential tool developed by the World Energy Council. Updated annually, it is used by energy leaders, shapers and innovators to understand regional perspectives about national and global energy transitions. 

Future Energy Leaders play an active part in contributing their views on key issues within the Issues Monitor. They also produce their own maps, which provide a unique comparative insight into the outlook of current and future leaders within the energy sector. 

future energy leaders, market of ideas

FEL-100 Annual SUMMIT

Supported by the local country’s ministry of energy, the FEL-100 Annual Summit provides a platform for Future Energy Leaders to explore critical energy issues and network with peers. High-level speakers and panellists include policymakers, industry leaders and carefully selected energy experts. 


Every three years the FEL-100 Congress is held in parallel with the Council’s flagship World Energy Congress. With an integrated programme aimed specifically for future leaders, this premier energy gathering offers a unique opportunity to better understand energy issues and solutions from a global perspective. 

During each Congress, the Future Energy Leaders confirm their vision for the future of global energy, outlining key priorities and agenda items.  

The 24th World Energy Congress is taking place in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 9-12 September 2019. 

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