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Our shared vision of humanising energy transition was formed to remind us of the importance of energy in the lives of us all, and the role of us all in managing energy transition. As the COVID-19 pandemic reaches most corners of the world, pulling together as a community of deep expertise has never been more important - to share experiences and lessons learned, and better prepare for and shape what comes next. Our role as a credible, responsible and impartial value-adding “global voice” for whole energy system movement has never been more critical.

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Christoph Frei addresses Parliament in Westminster Abbey

22nd July 2019

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On July 9th, 2019, World Energy Council's Secretary General and CEO Christoph Frei addressed the Members of Parliament as the Guest of Honor at the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies on the Terrace of the House of Commons in the historic building of Westminster Abbey.

In his address, Secretary General looked back on the situation at the time of the 1924 World Power Conference, precursor to the Council’s triennial flagship event, the World Energy Congress. He recognised the similarities in the international dynamics of the time with today’s, underscoring the importance of international organisations like the Council.

The Secretary General also engaged with the progress made in energy in the past 100 years since the inception of the World Energy Council and the key developments in that time. In particular, he highlighted the development of energy infrastructure, the formation of OPEC and the shale revolution. He moved on to outline the challenges and achievements that make up today’s energy landscape and what we need to achieve carbon emission reduction over the next 50 years.

Finally, Dr Frei explored the necessary changes in the international situation to achieve a transition to sustainable energy systems. Looking at the ‘was’, ‘is’ and ‘should be’ of energy to find the key ingredients that must be part of the solution space, highlighting the balance between electron and green molecules, the greening of existing supply chains and infrastructure as well as supporting policy frameworks for the market.

Dr Frei showed the uniting challenge that underscores both the 1924 World Power Conference and the upcoming World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi.

The 24th World Energy Congress will convene over 300 speakers for 4 days and 70 sessions under the theme of Energy for prosperity. This Congress will be first to take place in Middle East and will bring together incumbents, innovators, and policy makers to discuss the most pressing issues in energy.

Get Christoph Frei's insights here.

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